Some press quotes for Hymn for Her's latest release,

'Drive Til U Die'

AXS- "If you find yourself complaining about the homogenization of rock and roll, Americana, country or folk music, then 'Drive Til U Die' is the cure for what ails you."

Country Standard Time- "It's one hell if a ride."

Atlanta Auditory- "Their sound is original and cannot be classified by a single musical category as the freewheeling spirit they live life by bleeds into the music."

Popshifter- "Together, they make quite a sound...It’s road music, it’s rootsy punk rock, it’s the beating heart of America."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel- "twang & toughness from this downhome duo"

No Depression-

"Drive Til U Die is already solidly entrenched in my Top Five of this year. It is that good."

Insite Atlanta-
"The record rolls out a fine slab of songs to soundtrack any summer road trip. Like a trip to a favorite destination, Hymn For Her's latest rollicking ride is worth more than a few return visits."

Hymn for Her is an Americana Rock and Roll duo who has been touring the US & Overseas. Their latest album release, “Drive Til U Die” charted in the top 5 for Americana Releases on radio, and also in the top 5 for Blues. They are a bit of those two elements along with bluegrass, folk, and psychedelic rock and roll. Last summer they toured the UK/Germany/France/Austria for 3 months playing festivals including Glastonbury and many others. They’re returning Overseas this summer playing many festivals and venues again for 3 months but will return to the US to promote a new release recorded with Grammy winner, Vance Powell, that comes out early September, working with Cary Baker at Conqueroo for Publicity.

The duo certainly covers a lot of musical territory in Smokin Flames. Their wild-eyed mash-up of country, blues and punk led U.K. music critic Steve Bennett to call H4H’s sound “a riotous, rocking roadkill stew,” while others have referenced such diverse bands as Captain Beefheart, Primus, X, R.L. Burnside, JS Blues Explosion and the Ramones.

Impressively, the two create their “ripsaw sounds” (Los Angeles Times’ Randy Lewis) with only a few instruments. Wayne (with the devilish voice), mainly playing the kick-drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar and harp, serves as the group’s rhythmic driving force. Lucy (of the fallen-angel voice) delivers a gritty squall on her “Lowebow” — a custom-made cigar-box guitar: “The Riff Monster.”Catch this duo as they burn down the highway and tear up your town like a Wichita twister.

Hymn for Her

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