Joyann Parker as Patsy Cline

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Dean Martin - Live From Las Vegas

The Lady Gaga Show has a couple of options and price points. The Ultimate Melody as Lady Gaga”! This extravagant show brings incredible musicians, fabulous dancers, aerial arts and everything you would expect from an actual Lady Gaga show. You will hear spot-on Gaga vocals, see amazing dancing, fabulous costuming and incredible stadium-like visuals! Melody will move you from the early Gaga years to an inspired Jazz Cabaret set and hit you between the eyes with more high-powered Gaga entertainment! Melody has partnered with Jac Fatale and Red Rider from Elite entertainment and the Clayhead Moo Band! Type your paragraph here.


“In her must-see tribute to Patsy Cline, with a stellar band, Joyann Parker summons the requisite sadness and richness.”

— Jon Bream, Minneapolis Star-Tribune


In this powerful 90-minute stage performance, Joyann Parker and her seasoned band showcase the most popular and best-loved of Patsy's songs. Enjoy a nostalgic trip back in time as Joyann beautifully weaves the stories of Patsy's life and career in and out of the music you know and love. 

Vintage costumes and ambiance enhance Joyann's uncanny and authentic channeling of the classic vocals of the legendary Patsy Cline. This is a must-see show that has sold out over and over again. 

      Ultimate Lady Gaga                                                          Gaga Vegas Cabaret Show

Barbra Streisand Tribute

This scaled down version of Lady Gaga offers an intimate performance for a smaller venue and perfect for a dinner and show.  This “Cabaret Vegas Lounge Act” is a two hour performance with intermission (2 - 45 minute sets) that offers 2 costume changes. 

 Melody as Lady Gaga, and an additional male singer which accompany Melody as Lady Gaga’s duo partner, Bradley Cooper, and will perform the ever popular song “Shallow” from “A Star Is Born”, which was one of 2018’s most popular songs.  Also performed in this lounge style act would be songs such as Poker Face and Million Reasons. Background music would be provided by both keyboard and backing tracks. 

Tom Weiland is considered by many in the business to be one of the best Dean Martin Impersonators working today.  With his amusing dialogue and charismatic demeanor, Tom's on-stage performance as Dean Martin is one to be remembered. Tom brings Dean Martin's brand of humor and showmanship to every show and his relaxed style of singing, entertaining and humor captivates and leaves audiences spellbound and wanting more.   

Having come from a musical family, Tom has been a performer pretty much his entire life, as a child it was singing, dancing and impersonating comics.  Dean's singin, variety show, appearances on Johnny Carson, Man of The Hour or Dean's numerous movies became one of the biggest influences on Tom's style of entertaining.  Tom was classically trained as a vocalist but mainly developed his love of the crooner style of singing and has been performing in bands, stage performances and solo for over 30 years and has won numerous awards for various vocal and stage performances.  Tom was also a stand up comic and musical actor but longed for those crooning roots.  It was natural for Tom to mix his love of crooning, acting, stand up comedy and showmanship to impersonate the master of them all, Dean Martin.   

Tom Weiland is a natural on stage when he pays tribute to Dean, from the same witty jokes and smile to his awesome renditions of the classic songs we all love   Jesse Aron World Champion Elvis Impersonator. 

By far the best Dean Martin I have ever seen!  He’s the total package…the looks, sound, presence and personality. What else can I say...”That’s Amore’!   Paul Glysz - (Owner Screamin’ Promotions) 

Melody Mendis as Lady Gaga

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